23.10.2012 Yleinen

This event is held every year and the target participants are recreational rowers.

2013 FISA WORLD ROWING TOUR WBSITE: http://www.smrc.ie/fisa.php

Recreational rowers combine rowing, tourism, sight-seeing and friendship. Crews do not compete against one another, instead rowers participate in tours around the world in an effort to introduce recreational rowing to nations who are not familiar with it or who only view rowing as an Olympic sport. For the past 33 years, recreational rowers of all nationalities, ages and abilities have toured lakes, rivers and seas in Europe, the Americas and Australia. Recreational rowers can be any age and in 2012 the oldest male on the FISA tour was 87 while the oldest female was 78. The youngest participant this year was 27 years old.

Ireland has been given the privilege of hosting the FISA World tour in 2013. The tour will take place between June 15th and June 22nd. It will start in Carrick-on-Shannon and finish in Limerick and we plan to cater for 80 participants. The standard boat used on FISA Tours is a touring 4x+ or 4+.

* Dates: June 15th – June 23rd 2013
* Organiser: St. Michael’s Rowing Club / Rowing Ireland
* Place: Carrick-on-Shannon – Athlone — Banagher — Terryglass – Killaloe –- Limerick
* Total Distance: 210 kms, with daily distances from 25-50 kms


FISA 2013 is limited to 80 participants who meet the following criteria:
* You must posess a good knowledge of rowing and coxing
* You must be in good health and have the physical condition necessary for rowing the full distances, and be able to handle dangerous situations on your own and not depend on help from others
* You must be capable of swimming distances of at least 300m
* You must carry with you a life jacket as recommended by national authorities
* You will be responsible for your own medical and personal insurance arrangement(s)

The organiser of this event is Michael O’Dwyer, Chairman, FISA 2013 World Rowing Tour Organising Committee, and there will be regular updates to this page for your information.

2013 FISA WORLD ROWING TOUR WBSITE: http://www.smrc.ie/fisa.php