Paddler 1 -card

Kuva kännykästä, jossa meloja 1 -kortti

Technical standards 

  • Kayak / canoe anatomy, footpegs adjustments 
  • Taking care of equipments
  • Lifting, carrying and launching
  • In and out of the kayak, dock In and out of the kayak, natural shore 
  • Spray deck mountig and dismounting 
  • Balanced, relaxed paddling posture 
  • Forward paddling 
  • Stopping and reverse paddling 
  • Streering (figure 8 track)
  • Sweep stroke 180° / 360° on a dime 
  • Moving sideways (basics) 
  • Brace for support and preventing capsize (basics) 

Safety standards 

  • Sfety check kayak and paddler
  • Capsize and assisted re-entry / Capsize, swim on shore eith kayak 

Kuva kännykästä, jossa meloja 1 -kortti

After completing the Meloja 1 course, one receive the Meloja 1 competency card. The card is part of the European EPP (Euro Paddle Pass) system and equivalent to EPP 1 competency award. 

Meloja 1 card can also be completed as a separate screening event. For example, if you have taken a course before, lost your certificate and need a competency card. The assessment session can be organized by the association or company that organizes Meloja 1 courses.

Competency assessment form